Generic Drugs Exporting (Drop-shipping) services for Online Pharmacies

Pharmacy generic dropshipping services online is a drop-shipping India based company that offers a wide range of generic medicine with warehouses in Europe. It offers next generic drugs for dropship: Analgesics, Antifungal Pills, Anti Acne Products, Anti Cancer Drugs, Anti Depression Drugs, Hair Loss Treatment Medicines, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs and many others. This dropshipper deals with pharma facilities and provide service to the customers without any additional management. Service is working at market all over the world. Company is actively working with Canadian and Indian pharmacies.

An order has a 48 hour before a dispatch. There two possible ways of shipment: by Air Mail and by EMS courier. Pharmacy drop shipping will last 7-21 days. And it is possible only after full payment of the order. It is possible to use bitcoin, PayPal and Wire for purschasing drop shipper. To make an order you need the order Id, name, postal address, city along with zip code, country, name of the medicine, strength amount of the medicine, quantity of the medicine and shipping Details (EMS or Regular Air Mail). And everything must be done in excel format. If you have any questions you can always write an email which can be done straight the website. is one of the most popular pharmacy dropshipping services in the world. Its main buiseness is generic medicine dropshipping. All the medicines have the highest quality and approved by the FDA and fits the WHO norms. A lot of the buyers are pharmacy wholesalers from other countries which are looking for a profitable generic drugs dropshipper.

Company gives a 100% worldwide transportation guarantee. In case of damaged products dropship-rx will resend you your order.

Dropship-rx provides a high quiality generic drugs drop. I am not saying that it is the best pharmacy for dropshipping but it’s definitely one of the most popular.